Friday, 19 October 2012

List of ponies urgently needing homes!

For everyone who has expressed an interest, here is the list of ponies that are most urgently needing homes.  Here are the most important things you need to know, PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS INFO BEFORE GETTING IN TOUCH, THANK YOU!

These are totally un-handled Dartmoor Hill Ponies straight off of the moor. Older ponies especially are not a job for novices, and even experienced horse people, if you havn't worked with un-touched ponies before, should really buy this excellent book by Sarah Weston, No fear, no force.
We are a small, completely volunteer run,  organisation who rescue and rehome ponies here on Dartmoor, we have children and jobs so please be patient in waiting for a response.

These ponies will make anywhere from 11hh to 13hh, obviously because we cannot know the exact age of foals it can be hard to tell the small from the young, we cannot gaurantee the final size of any pony because we are not psychic lol!

The foals are born out on the moor in approximately May, but obviously there is no way to gaurantee an exact age, they will mostly be about 6 months old.  

We are acting as go betweens to enable farmers to re-home ponies directly from the farm, we do not have the facitlities or money to take in any other ponies at the present time so feel this is the best use of our resources.

The ponies will cost £50 each to cover the cost of microchipping, passport and vet call out. We arrange this and get it all done.

Ponies are reserved on a first come first served basis to avoid any ponies getting left behind if someone backs out, all payments are non refundable.  We will provide you with the charity bank account number so that the money for ponies can be transferred directly to the account we pay the vet from.

You will need to organise and pay for your own transport from near Widdecombe on Dartmoor.  Their are several good local transporters who are experienced with these ponies and do excellent rates, nationwide, for shared loads.  Paul at PC transport  07860 261144, and Brian at Willhayes 01392 832466. 

We are aware that the situation here is far from ideal, but it is a very complex and diffcult one for all involved.  The zoo meat scheme takes over 800 ponies, mostly foals every year, it ensures that they have a humane end, on the farm, with as little stress as possible, it is carried out by a skilled professional and they do at least have a use as food for big cats.  We work with other groups to try and improve th problem in the long run, but in the meantime we try to save as many as we possibly can. Keeping the farmers on side and remaining non judgemental is vital to the continuation of our work. We appreciate your understanding on this point.

Having said all of the above, Dartmoor hill ponies, if trained gently, patiently and with understanding and love, will make the most amazing friend for life, they can ride, drive, do agility, they can do anything.  They are calm and gentle and loving, healthy and hardy.  They will reward your good deed a thousand times over.  So anyone considering taking on one (or more lol) of these gorgeous ponies, THANK YOU, they can't say it, so I'll say it for them xxx

1-First is this lovely grey roan yearling filly, as you can see it would appear she has had some handling lol!  She is very friendly and tame, she will make a very easy project for someone a bit less confident.  RESERVED
 2- Red bay yearling filly RESERVED
3-Mealy bay yearling colt. RESERVED
4-Bright bay yearling filly.  RESERVED
5-Black colt foal with a star RESERVED
6-Bright bay filly foal RESERVED
8-Light iron grey colt foal, appears totally sound now, so probably just pulled something on his way in, one of the nicest and biggest of the bunch HAPPILY RESERVED!
9-Iron grey filly foal, the one on the left obviously lol!RESERVED
10-Iron grey/roan, with mealy muzzle, filly foal.URGENTLY LOOKING FOR HOME 
11-Dark iron grey, filly foal.RESERVED - Soozi 
12/13-Gorgeous pair of coloured colts! I have more pictures if anyone wants to see them. BOTH PROVISIONALLY RESERVED

WARNING, the following ponies only have until Thursday, so you may not want to look at them if you are feeling a bit emotional.  Thank you x

14-Bright bay mare, 12 ish, not sure of exact age, could be in foal, had lovely coloured foal this year.  RESERVED
15-Dark bay mare, 12 ish, not sure of exact age, could be in foal, had lovely coloured foal this year.  RESERVED
16-Looks shouldn't matter, but this girl is very funny looking and has long feet, she will hard to re-home :( she looks definitely in foal, she is probably about 6 ish, she had a lovely dun skewbald foal who sold at auction this year. PROVISIONALLY RESERVED

17-Dapple grey mare, about 11ish, may be in foal, but doesn't look it, she didn't want to have her picture taken lol, she is behind the big white stallion in front, couldn't get her head and body in the same shot, very pretty but a bit of an escape artist apparently. RESERVED

18/19 Older bay mare, 12 ish, probably in foal, needs work on her feet and her filly foal, the one in the middle with the mealy muzzle. PROVISIONALLY RESERVED

20- Last but not least, this stunning boy is a 5 year old Stallion.  Please read ALL of the following information VERY carefully before getting touch.  This boy, like all the others is a TOTALLY UN-TOUCHED feral pony, who until last week was running free on the moor and has been since his birth.  We are arranging to have him castrated but this is going to cost £130 which is a lot for us to afford on very limited charity finds, so we would be VERY grateful if a prospective owner, or any other kind souls could contribute towards this cost.  We are basically just two volunteers, we have jobs, I have two actually and 3 children and almost 30 ponies that we care for at our organisation.  We get no money for the work we do re-homing these herds and most of the time we don't even get to cover the cost of our substantial diesel bills.  Our reward is seeing these ponies leaving for happy homes where they have chance instead of in pile on the back of a meat wagon. Anyone considering helping this lovely pony needs to have the facilities and experience to deal with a mature feral pony who will still be thinking and acting like a stallion for a while.  The techniques we use, as championed and taught by Sarah Weston in her "no fear, no force book" can transform a pony like this safely, into a friend for life.  But subjected to any force or aggression, in even experienced hands, he could easily become dangerous simply because he felt the need to defend himself.  So as you can see he needs a very special home, I'm sure there is one out there waiting, could it be you ??

So there they all are.  This is just the first herd and the most urgent. Once these are re-homed we will have another herd to find homes for, some of whom will be halter trained and handled more. So please keep in touch.  Thank you so much for looking at the ponies, Sarah x  Any queries, or to reserve a pony please contact me at

Thursday, 18 October 2012


We are helping 2 farmers rehome their ponies this year.  The situation is very complex on Dartmoor but due to the economy and a change in transport laws hundreds of Dartmoor Hill Ponies don't sell at the markets.  These farmers are in the process of reducing the number of ponies they keep but in the meantime they have asked us to help find homes for the ponies so they don't have to be shot.  Although the Zoo meat scheme is run by a highly skilled professional who minimises the stress for the ponies, we would prefer that these ponies are given a chance in good homes.

However, please don't take on one of these ponies if you aren't willing to ask for advice and help in how to train them.  Even if you are very experienced with horses & training youngsters, training a wild pony (especially an older one,) can be very hard if you don't have help.   We would strongly recommend you get Sarah Weston's book "No fear, no force" available on Amazon and on Sarah's website.  Please do remember we will try and help you as much as we can so do email / call us if there are any problems.  

We are asking for £50 per pony to cover the cost of microchipping / passporting and vets visit.  There is also the option of paying an extra £6 to get your pony wormed / de-loused when they are microchipped so do let us know asap if you want this to happen and transfer the extra £6.  

If you want to take on one of the ponies below then please arrange transport (PC Horse Transport, Paul, 07860 261144) / Willhayes Horse Transport, Brian, 01392 832466) then text me to check the pony you're interested in is available (Nat: 07802 218169.) Once I've confirmed they're available transfer £50 per pony to the DPTC bank account.  I'll then mark the pony as reserved on the blog and we'll be in touch about when you are coming to collect them.  This lot of ponies can be collected after the 7th November.  Bank details are:

Bank: Cooperative Bank 

Account name: Dartmoor Pony Training Centre 
Account number: 6518 3357
Sort code: 08-92-99

These ponies are going to be helping us teach people how to train semi-feral foals using gentle and non-confrontational training techniques as championed by the wonderful Sarah Weston in her book "No fear, No force" (Available on Amazon and strongly recommended if you are taking on one of these ponies.)  You're very welcome to come along and spectate on this week - 27-31 October, please contact me for more info.  

Therefore they won't be ready for collection until after the 7th November when we have the vet booked in for microchipping / passporting etc. 

Thanks for all your help everyone, it's amazing, our photos have been shared over 3500 times over facebook and if everyone has on average 250 friends, thats potentially 875,000 people who would have seen the plea! 

If anyone wants to take on a pony but isn't able to get one from this last lot please do stay in contact. When Sarah and I have got some rest (!!!!) we may be able to find out about more foals available or put you in contact with other organisations that have foals looking for homes!

Just to let you know that Sarah and I work for the DPTC as volunteers and are running this scheme in our free (!!!) time between jobs, children and very busy lives!  We don't get paid for this and are always out of pocket at the end due to driving to and from the farms to visit, photograph, microchip, help load all these ponies!  We do ask that you remain patient with us if  we can't get back to you quickly and please remember how busy we are!    Thank you!  If anyone would consider making a donation to the DPTC to help cover some of our travelling costs then it would be much appreciated! 

Thanks all,


1. Roan mare (on left of top photo with her foal,) likely to be in foal and quite young (4 ish?) 
Long feet so needs someone able to get onto handling her feet soon but VERY friendly and the gentlest nature! 

2. Roan filly foal.  Daughter of above mare - would love them to go together.  Very interested in people!  PROVISIONALLY RESERVED - AMBER 

3. Bay yearling colt, very very friendly and so sweet - stroked all over today!  Probably will only make 11hh. PROVISIONALLY RESERVED - SUE

4. Blue and white colt foal (Pictured with mother) 

5. Bay yearling colt

6. Piebald filly foal (we think it's a girl but not 100% as couldn't get that close!!!)RESERVED- KIM

7. Dark bay filly foal (big at the moment!) PROVISIONALLY RESERVED - DOMINIC

8. Blue and white yearling colt (older brother of piebald - number 6; would be great if they could stay together.)RESERVED, KIM

9. Blue and white colt foal - has rain scald on it's neck and back. PROVISIONALLY RESERVED - MANDY

10. Bay filly foal (quite nervy! We think she's a filly but not 100%)

11. Bay filly foal (we think she's a filly but not 100%)

12. Bay mare, 8-10 years old. Probably in foal.PROVISIONALLY RESERVED  - LOU

13. Bay filly foal RESERVED - LOU

14. Bay roan filly foal (not 100% a filly!) PROVISIONALLY RESERVED - AMBER 

15. Bay Mare with some roan in her, Mum of foal number 14.  8-10 years old. Probably in foal. 

16. Strawberry roan colt foal 

17. Roan (liver chestnut) mare.  Probably in foal.  Mum of number 16. 8-10 yrs old.   

18. Roan filly foal provisionally reserved 

19. Chestnut (some roan in her,) mare. Probably in foal. Mum of number 18.  8-10 years old.  Provisionally reserved.

20. Roan Mare, in foal but unlikely to foal till 2013 as foal at foot (number 9 is her foal.) 8-10 years old.   PROVISIONALLY RESERVED - MANDY

21. Bay colt foal.   He's out of a registered Mare by a Dartmoor Hill Pony Stallion.  Should make 12hh. The mare is great natured and this little guy is already showing signs of liking being around people.  

22. Bay Mare & Filly foal at foot.  PROVISIONALLY RESERVED SUZY   URGENT - This Mare and foal are from the first lot of ponies and we thought we had a home for them but I think the potential owner pulled out so they're looking for a new home asap.  

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Next lot of ponies urgently seeking homes 

We're doing really well finding homes for the 18 ponies (one or two still left, see below,) but we still have another 18 or so from another farmer to find homes for.  We'll be taking photos of them individually in the next few days but here's some group photos of them for you to look at.  There's Mares in foal (6), colt and filly foals, and a few yearlings (not sure of sex at the moment.)

Please see Sarah's post below for information on the whole rehoming procedure and what you need to do if you're interested in taking on a pony.  Thank you for all your help!

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