Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Next lot of ponies urgently seeking homes 

We're doing really well finding homes for the 18 ponies (one or two still left, see below,) but we still have another 18 or so from another farmer to find homes for.  We'll be taking photos of them individually in the next few days but here's some group photos of them for you to look at.  There's Mares in foal (6), colt and filly foals, and a few yearlings (not sure of sex at the moment.)

Please see Sarah's post below for information on the whole rehoming procedure and what you need to do if you're interested in taking on a pony.  Thank you for all your help!

Natalie Torr


Jody Dyke said...

I would love to help... just need to speak to other half. already have two rescue geldings... would be interested in a mare in foal and a colt. x jodydyke@googlemail.com

dominique holding said...

Hi i would love to take one of these preferrably a foal any colour and possibly on the larger end of the height scale as im looking at it as a project to become a larger childs show/ponyclub pony i would have to look into transport costs mind as i do believe its going to be quite costly to transport from dartmoor to redcar in north east england. Please could you email me some more info dominiqueholding@hotmail.com

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