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Four more ponies urgently looking for homes


The situation is very complex on Dartmoor but due to the economy and a change in transport laws hundreds of Dartmoor Hill Ponies are looking for homes every year.  These farmers are in the process of reducing the number of ponies they keep but in the meantime they have asked us to help find homes for the ponies so they don't have to be shot.  Although the Zoo meat scheme is run by a highly skilled professional who minimises the stress for the ponies, we would prefer that these ponies are given a chance in good homes.

Last Autumn we helped rehome 50 ponies for 4 farmers on Dartmoor.  We have been contacted by another farmer who keeps ponies close to where we are based on Dartmoor who has asked us to try and find homes for 4 ponies.  

We are looking for PERMANENT homes for these ponies, so please don't contact us if you aren't able to offer this.  Even if you are very experienced with horses & training youngsters, training a wild pony can be hard if you don't have help so we would also say that you need to be the kind of person who is able to ask for help if you get stuck with training.

We would strongly recommend you get Sarah Weston's book "No fear, no force" available on Amazon and on Sarah's website.  Please do remember to contact us to ask for help if there's anything you're getting stuck on.  We will also help you to rehome if for some reason you can't keep the pony (though as we said before we are only looking for homes that will do their utmost to provide forever homes...)  We will send the ponies out with a training information pack to help you with everything from settling them in to halter training them.    

We are asking for £50 per pony to cover the cost of microchipping / passporting and vets visit.  There is also the option of paying an extra £6 to get your pony wormed / de-loused when they are microchipped so do let us know asap if you want this to happen and transfer the extra £6.  

If you want to take on one of the ponies below then please arrange transport then contact me (Natalie: 07802 218169 / to see if the ponies are still available.  If they are and we decide you are suitably prepared for taking on one of these ponies then you can transfer the £50 per pony to our bank account and we'll reserve the pony for you.  

Bank: Cooperative Bank 

Account name: Dartmoor Pony Training Centre 
Account number: 6518 3357
Sort code: 08-92-99

Thanks for all your help everyone, it's amazing, our photos have been shared over 3500 times over facebook and if everyone has on average 250 friends, that's potentially 875,000 people who would have seen the plea! 

If anyone wants to take on a pony but isn't able to get one from this last lot please do stay in contact. We can put you in contact with other organisations rehoming Dartmoor's or there will be plenty more in the autumn!  

1.  Yearling filly (not 100% filly as hard to see!) Very inquisitive and friendly!

2. Yearling filly (not 100% filly, pictured with Dam.) Very interested in people!  

3. Two year old filly.  Age approximate as the farmer didn't really know what he had on the moor.  She looks quite young still but we can't be sure of age.  There's a possibility she might be pregnant as she has quite a round belly.  Very inquisitive but not as brave as the yearlings. 

4. Two year old filly.  Age approximate as the farmer didn't really know what he had on the moor.  She looks quite young still but we can't be sure of age.  Not 100% sure of sex as wasn't able to get really up-close.   Very inquisitive but not as brave as the yearlings. 

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jbaxter said...


I would like to consider taking on the two yearlings. We are a very experienced equestrian family but have never trained wild ponies before. My feeling is that we would be better able to socialize the younger and, therefore, more trusting ponies.

My e-mail address is as follows:

Kindest regards,

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