Sunday, 15 January 2012

Thanks to Face Book he has a home hooray!

Well as always tends to happen one of the people who was taking a rescue foal has sadly backed out at the last minute and we have one lonely little black colt who we desperately need to find a home for. As you can see he was a little camera shy!

The vet is due out on Wednesday to microchip and passport the herd and the rest of the ponies will all have been collected by Sunday the 22nd. It would be terrible for this little chap to be left behind alone, or even worse to have to be shot.

If anyone can take this little guy asap please get in touch as soon as you can. The details are still the same as on the original re-homing page. We ask for £30 to cover the chip/passport and you have to arrange your own transport from the farm near Widdecombe on Dartmoor. Foals are approx 9 months old and are totally unhandled. Feel free to email or call me on 07846 254682

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