Friday, 24 February 2012

Pony of the week TINY TIM x

Tiny Tim in the summer with poor Tango in the background.
Tim with my daughter.
Tim in his winter woolies killing a head collar lol!

Well after quite a busy and successful winter, re-homing foals that were destined to be lion food, and sending them off to some lovely new homes. We thought it was about time that we re-homed a few more of the charities ponies. We had a big push last summer and sent out lots of ponies to great new forever homes, but we still have several ponies here with us who would make fabulous ride or drive ponies and are just crying out for some one to one TLC.

So our first "pony of the week" is going to be Tiny Tim. Tim is a really sweet and friendly little chap, he is only about 10hh, so he probably has some Shetland in his breeding. He is a good doer but not one of the real fatties, so he could make a potentially good companion.

Poor Tim was out on loan with another lovely little pony called Tango, and poor Tango died very suddenly in the field with no symptoms (possibly metabolic dissorder) Obviously we were very worried about Tiny Tim but he showed no ill effect at all and has been in wonderful health all winter. He was very upset at being alone even for a couple of days though and he was VERY pleased to see the herd when we brought him home.

Tim is now coming up for 4 this summer and could be started to ride by children or taught to drive by a new experienced home. He is very good to catch and lead, loads fine and is fine with his feet with a sympathetic trimmer.

So if you think you could be the happy ending that Tiny Tim (and maybe one of his friends) is looking for please get in touch. We look mostly for permanent loan homes in the west country so that we can do home checks etc. but under certain circumstances may consider homes further afield. Questions and informal chats welcome.

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