Friday, 2 November 2012

All 50 ponies we've been trying to rehome have now found homes!  Amazing! Thank you to you all for all your hard work and help, it is sincerely appreciated!  

If you'd like to help next year with anything at all from: dealing with enquiries, marketing, fundraising, helping with microchipping, training, loading up ponies.... then please do get in touch with Natalie: 07802 218169.  

If you'd like to support our organisation in any way or make a donation then please contact Natalie by telephone (above) or email:  

New homes; please do stay in touch, contact us if you have any training questions, post photos and updates on our facebook page: Dartmoor Pony Training Centre.

Thanks again! xxxx

New list of ponies looking for homes - 2nd November 2012 

Please read through all the info on the two blogs below about the rehoming procedure.  Please contact Natalie at the DPTC if you're interested in a pony and have looked into transport.  All the best and thank you! 

Farm 3.

1. Spotted Colt foal 
Happily rehomed! 

2. Black filly foal (pictured on left)
Happily rehomed! 

3. Dark Bay filly foal with star
Happily rehomed! 

4. Dark Bay filly foal
Happily rehomed! 

5. Bright bay yearling Filly 
Happily rehomed! 

6. Black filly foal 
Happily rehomed! 


Farm 4.

7. Bay colt foal 
Happily rehomed! 

8. Grey roan filly foal 
Happily rehomed! 

9. Big bay filly foal with star 
Happily rehomed! 

10. Bright bay filly foal 
Happily rehomed! 

11. Bay colt foal - prob only around 3 months old
Happily rehomed! 

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