Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Tia and Brandy

Tia and Brandy are for looking for a forever home.  Since Brandy came to stay at the DPTC last year he and Tia have been inseparable so we'd like to find them a home together.   

Age: approximately 13
Height: 12hh
History & temperament: Tia came to us through the RSPCA near Wales but originally she would have lived on Widecombe common, Dartmoor. She must have had several foals as she has a distinctive "foal belly."  According to the RSPCA she was taken on as part of a cruelty case but we don't know much more. When she arrived she was very nervous and wouldn't come within 20 feet of us....  Over the past 2 years her confidence has been increasing and she has recently had a headcollar on with the help of food!  She seems to love food which has really helped her get over her fear of people.  She is very attached to Brandy and they enjoy hanging out.  She'll make a fab companion pony (not to be ridden) and is a really sweet mare but whoever takes her needs to be sensitive and willing to have a pony that may still be wary of people...

Age: approximately 17 
Height: 10.2hh
History & Temperament: Brandy has been with us since November 2011 when we were asked to look after him for a local charity.  For the first 6 months or so he wasn't that keen on socialising but he seems to be more up for spending time with people.  He'd had lots of change & disruption before he came to us.   He has been ridden in the past but we haven't had the time to re-start him.  If this is what someone wanted him for we could bring him back into being ridden but ideally he'd go as a companion.  

Please call Natalie for more information and to get a loan form emailed over to you. Thank you! 07802 218169. 

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