Tuesday, 1 January 2013



Age: Approximately 11 years.
Height: 12.1hh
History & Temperament: Gorse is such a sweet little lady.  She is very sensitive and was trained quite badly as a wild 6 year old and consequently can still be a bit wary of new people.  She has been back with us for 2 years and when we have time (!!!) we're training her to wear a headcollar and be led around.  She should ideally go as a companion pony as I'm not sure she'll make a riding pony due to her nervousness. She would also ideally go with another of our ponies from the DPTC to help her feel safe in her new environment.  Brambles is her son and they are still close so it would be ideal if we could find a home for them both together.  

For more information please contact Natalie who can send you out a rehoming form.  Tel: 07802 218169. Email: dartmoorponytrainingcentre@yahoo.co.uk.

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